Na Dubh Ghall On Tour

This past weekend we did something that we haven’t before. We went on TOUR! We loaded up a bus full of Dub supporters and barrelled down the motorway in the direction of Kilkenny to watch the Dubs take on Laois! It was a fantastic experience and was enjoyed by all who attended…and the fact the Dubs won made it all the worthwhile!  Thank you to everyone who joined us on our little adventure and we hope to plan something like this again in the future! 13343104_1014794495269383_2278086524153552294_n 13339669_1014794568602709_3370185338683791317_n 13339535_1014794605269372_4622733826900744710_n 13342999_1013583348723831_7065866345576510427_n 13346602_1014794518602714_7654875170340068789_n13344770_1014794851936014_2590890751503255202_n