Please read and send email

Tomorrow is the final day to express our opinions of what is to be the future of the Racecourse Park. It will effect every resident of Baldoyle for generations to come. We need to make sure every resident and every club is represented in these plans as we are the heart and soul of Baldoyle and we are the ones who have to utilize this for years to come.

We are simply asking our friends, family and club members to copy and paste this message and email it to and feel free to say whatever else you see necessary.

Please take the four seconds to do this and tell your friends and family to do the same. As it will greatly impact on our area and especially our children.

“Firstly, I’m in strong agreement with the initial area size plus scale of development within the Racecourse Park that was originally presented on Thursday 6th June in the Baldoyle Community Hall and the some of the current facilities being proposed during this round of public consultation, which included more space for sports pitches.

I believe the community in question would benefit greatly to have more GAA pitches in both senior and junior levels, as the amount proposed is not enough to meet the criteria of the current demand.

The GAA is a rapidly growing sport/recreation for the community and has a huge demand for facilities in the area in both club and schools.

At present, no school in the area, either primary or secondary have their own pitches for sports development available to them. The schools are currently using the Na Dubh Ghall only pitch for training and matches.

I reject the idea of the equestrian centre. With the growing community in Baldoyle and surrounding areas, I believe this should be replaced with an indoor training facility along the style of the indoor football centre which is based in Santry. This facility could support GAA and soccer surrounded by an indoor running track and maybe an area for bowls, etc.

There are no indoor facilities in the area to support inclement weather for training and/or matches especially as the weather in our area can be extremely harsh.

I believe an indoor facility would be used greatly by all ages in the community.

I would greatly appreciate if you would take my points into consideration to make this project a complete success for all in the community.”

Club 45 Winners

5th of January – No winner next weeks winner €180

12th of January – No winner next weeks winner €210

19th of January – Ingrid Ryan

26th of January – Susan Gibney

2nd of February – Josie Kelly

9th of February – Paul Kennedy

16th of February – Josie Kelly

23rd of February – John Reddy Jnr

2nd of March – Louise Adams

9th of March – Josie Kelly

16th of March – No winner next weeks winner is €150.

23rd of March – Laura Hayden

30th of March – Darren Reddy

Multi Sport Summer Camp 2018

Just a few snaps from our Multi Sport Summer Camp! We were so busy this year that we didn’t get time to take more pictures… every year we are growing bigger and bigger.

A huge thank you to Baldoyle Badminton Centre, Crew Kingdom and Baldoyle Boxing Club for their help in making this year another smash hit!

Glove Coloring Competition

A while back we challenged the children to design a pair of gloves that best represented our club! These gloves are going to be designed and made specifically for our club, we like to stand out! We got TONNES of entries and the creativity of the children is astounding. Josh was our winner and we are currently in the process of turning these gloves into a reality!

We can’t wait to share what they look like when they arrive!